Tá muid ag reachtáil crannchur miosúil chun airgead a chruinniú d’on club. Thig leat ticéad a cheannacht do Cairde Na gCeilteach ar líne. Beidh an chéad tarraingt ar an 31/10/2020. Tabhairfidh síntúís €2.50 sa tseachtain seans duit duais airgid a bhaint. Beidh airgead atá cruinnithe úsaidte chun An Acadamh a thabhairt chun ceann agus bail a choinneáil ar na háiseanna ag An Screaban. Cliceáil ar an gcnaipe chun ticéad a cheannacht.

The past two decades have seen incredible progress for the club with the development of the facilities at An Screaban. We’ve over 180 children in the Acadamh and a dedicated coaching team committed to developing these players. The Acadamh is now starting to feed the senior team with some very talented players. 

However the pandemic has shown us that we need to come up with a sustainable financial model in order to maintain this progress into the future. The traditional methods of funding such as gate receipts and pub quizzes are no longer feasible. 

So we’re asking ex-players and supporters to help us produce the next generation of Ceiltigh Gaoth Dobhair.

If you’d like to help the club maintain the progress on and off the field you can buy tickets online to enter our monthly Cairde Na gCeilteach Prize Draw. The first draw will be on the 31/10/2020. Just €2.50 a week will give you a chance to win cash prizes. Your contribution will allow the club to develop our underage players and maintain the facilites at An Screaban.